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Department of Marketing & International Business - Faculty Members

Mr. Varqa Shamsi Bahar [VSB]

Senior Lecturer in Marketing (On Study Leave)
Masters in Marketing Management, University of Hull, United Kingdom

Ms. Mehree Iqbal [Mei]

Senior Lecturer (On-Study Leave)
Masters in International Business and Entrepreneurship, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

Mr. Mohammad Sakif Amin [Skf]

Senior Lecturer (Study Leave)
MBA in Marketing, Texas Tech University, USA

Ms. Sherina Idrish [SeH]

Senior Lecturer
MB (Advanced Marketing, Monash University, Australia

Ms. Narmin Tartila Banu [NTB]

Senior Lecturer (On Leave)
MBA, National University of Singapore and University of California, Irvine, USA

Ms. Ruhaini Fatema Islam [RhF]

Lecturer (Study Leave)

Ms. Samira Rahman [SMI]

M.Sc., University of Sheffiled, UK

Mr. Ujal Ibrahim [Ujb]

Lecturer (Study Leave)
Brigham Young University (BYU), Utah, USA
Texas Christian University (TCU), USA

Ms. Farzana Choudhury [Fzy]

MSS & BSS Stockholm University School of Business, Sweden

Adina Malik [ALK]

MS., Grenoble Ecole de Management, France
BS.c., London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

Mr. Omar Nasif Abdullah [Onf]

Lecturer & Assistant Proctor
MSc in Marketing, University of Manchester, UK

Ms. Shahneela Naheed [Sne]

Senior Lecturer (On Leave)
MBA, Cal Poly Pomona, USA

Mahtab Muntazeri [Mbt]

MSc. in International Strategic Marketing, University of Glasgow, UK.

Mr. Faiz Hossain [Fss]

MSc International Marketing, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK.