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The First Private University in Bangladesh

Mr. Mohammed Shahedul Haque

Full Time Faculty Member
Assistant Professor

Master of Arts in English Language (Linguistics), University of Central England in Birmingham (Birmingham City University), UK
Master of Arts in English Language (Linguistics & ELT), University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
Bachelor of Arts, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Phone: +880-2-55668200 Ext: 2008
Office: Nac931

Curriculum Vitae





Sonority across languages: A contrastive perspective on English and Bengali non-lax monophthongs” [Harvest, Vol. 32, 2016-17]

Armed forces register: A study of high-frequency English lexis in Bangladesh Army” [Main author, Panini, Vol. 6, 2015]

 “Vowel Phonemics: A quantitative-differential analysis of English and Bengali non-tense monophthongs” [Harvest, Vol. 30, 2014-15]

Bilingualism in Bangladesh Army: An Overview” [Main author, Harvest, Vol. 28, 2012-13]

Tuition Fee Grant

Department of Education

UK Government


Master of Arts in English Language (Linguistics)

School of English

University of Central England in Birmingham

(Birmingham City University, Perry Barr Campus, Birmingham)

United Kingdom



Master of Arts in English Language (Linguistics & ELT);

Dhaka University

2nd Class, 1st Position

Bachelor of Arts;

Dhaka University


Higher Secondary Certificate;                                                                                                                                                

Dhaka College, Dhaka


Secondary School Certificate;

University Laboratory School, Dhaka


Department of English

Dhaka University



Coordinator, Foundation Course in Basic English (all departments under Faculty of Arts) (1999-2000), Dhaka University


Faculty member, NSU



Faculty Advisor, NSU Media Club


Reviewer, Panini (NSU)


Reviewer, Harvest (JU)


Member, Editorial Board, NSUNEWS


Member, Dept Curriculum Committee


Curriculum Designer

MA (English Language and Linguistics) full curriculum, Department of English, NSU (2003). Approved by the UGC


Member, Dept Faculty Search Committee


Head, Institute of Modern Languages, NSU


Chair, DEML


Undergraduate courses:


Eng 450: Teaching techniques

Eng 427: Language acquisition and development

Eng 412: Modern schools of linguistics

Eng 411: Psycholinguistics

Eng 406: Discourse analysis


Eng 366: Theories of SLA

Eng 337: Psycholinguistics

Eng 320: Discourse analysis

Eng 310: Phonetics and phonology

Eng 302: Phonetics and phonology


Eng 211: Basic theories of SLA

Eng 210: Introduction to linguistics


Eng 110: Advanced composition

Eng 109: Intermediate composition

Eng 105: Advanced composition

Eng 103: Intermediate composition

Eng 102: Introduction to composition


Graduate courses:


Eng 637: Thesis (TESOL)

Eng 618: Thesis (English language and linguistics)

Eng 615: Applied linguistics

Eng612: Advanced discourse analysis


Eng 580: Foundations in linguistics

Eng 575: Second language development

Eng 554: Advanced sociolinguistics

Eng 552: Advanced phonetics and contrastive phonology

Member, United Kingdom Association in Bangladesh



Member, Editorial Committee, Talking Eyes (BRIB Audio-magazine)

Birmingham Royal Institution for the Blind / Queen Alexandra College / Birmingham Libraries / Focus Birmingham, UK



Examiner of an English proficiency assessment procedure for universities in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand


  • Phonology
  • Social dynamics of language and spoken discourse
  • Applied linguistics
  • ELT
  • EAP Composition