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The First Private University in Bangladesh

Professor Sk. Tawfique M. Haque, PhD

Full Time Faculty

Chair, Department of Political Science and Sociology 

Director, South Asian Institute of Policy and Governance (SIPG)

Post Doc. in Public Administration, University of Bergen, Norway 
Ph. D. in Public Administration, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
M. Phil in Public Administration, University of Bergen, Norway
BSS and MSS in Public Administration, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh 

Phone: +880-2-55668200 Ext: 2162

Curriculum Vitae



  • University teaching with more than 10 years of undergraduate and postgraduate lecturing experience in Bangladesh, Norway and Nepal in the field of Social Sciences.
  • Editorial/journal management
  • Publications including refereed journals articles, book and book-chapters
  • Thesis supervision of Master and Ph.D. students
  • Long experience of project development and management work with such organizations as UNDP, World Bank, DFID, JICA, CIDA, NORAD and various government and non-government agencies in Bangladesh in the fields of urban/local governance, institutional development and capacity building, monitoring and evaluation of development programs, primary and higher education and civil service capacity building and reform
  • Extensive fieldwork/commissioned research activities including participatory/rapid appraisals/learning
  • Local governance and institutional capacity building
  • Team building, communication and interpersonal skills and  training
  • Varied professional memberships/associations
  • Workshop/seminar facilitation/moderation
  • M.Phil (Bergen University, Norway); Doctoral (Ph.D., University of Dhaka) and Post-Doctoral education and advanced research in Norway




Teaching and Training

  • Theories of Governance
  • Public Finance Management
  • Contemporary Issues of Governance in South Asia
  • Change Management Issues and Practices in Bangladesh Civil Service
  • Local Governance and Local Capacity Building
  • Globalization and International Trade
  • Curriculum and case studies development in the field of public policy and governance


Project Management, Research and Consultancy

  • Institutional and Capacity Development of Civil Service of Bangladesh  
  • Evaluation and Monitoring of Development Programs
  • Different kinds of Surveys
  • Needs Assessment; Local Government Training Module; Strategy and Policy Development
  • Managing Change in Public Sector



Governance and Development Management: South Asian Perspective, Century Publications, Dhaka, 2018

Governance in South, South East and East Asia: Trends, Issues and Challenges by Springer International, USA in June 2015

Understanding Governance and Public Policy in Bangladesh, North South University, Dhaka, 2011



Book chapter on ‘Knowledge Generation through Joint Research: What Can North and South Learn from Each Other?’ has been published in the book titled North South Knowledge Networks: Towards Equitable Collaboration Between Academics, Donors and Universities, by African Minds, South Africa in January 2017

A chapter on ‘Citizens’ Trust in the Informal Governance System and Local Civil Society in Bangladesh’ has been published in the book titled Civil Society in Asia: In Search of Democracy and Development in Bangladesh, by ASHGATE, UK in May 2015

An edited chapter on ‘Does Governance Matter in South Asia and Beyond?’ has been published by Springer International in the book titled Governance in South, South East and East Asia: Trends Issues and Challenges in 2015

An edited Introduction chapter is published by Springer International in the book titled Governance in South, South East and East Asia: Trends Issues and Challenges in 2015

A book chapter on ‘Administrative Culture and Corruption in Bangladesh’ was published by Routledge in the book titled Administrative Culture in Developing and Transitional Countries in November 2014

A chapter on ‘The Normative Roots of Governance Theories: Prospects and Challenges from Bangladesh Perspective’ published in the book titled Understanding Governance and Public Policy in Bangladesh; Edited by Dr. Ishtiaq Jamil, Professor Salahuddin M. Aminuzzaman, Professor Steinar Askvik and Dr. Sk. Tawfique M. Haque; North South University, Dhaka, 2011

A chapter on ‘NGO Governance in Bangladesh: Quest for Transparency and Accountability’ published in the book titled Governance and Development, Bangladesh and Regional Experiences; Professor Salahuddin M. Aminuzzaman (ed.); Department of Development Studies, University of Dhaka, September, 2006



An article titled “Role of Civil Society in South Asia to Promote the China-South Asia Cooperation for Mutual Development” has been published at Journal of Southeast Asian and South Asian Studies, from China in 2014

 Article titled “Theories of Governance: South Asian Perspective” was published in a special issue of Public Organization Review (POR) by Springer USA titled Policy and Governance in South and South East Asia, in November, 2013

 An article on “Administrative Culture and Incidence of Corruption in Bangladesh: A Search for the Potential Linkage” published at a special issue of International Journal of Public Administration (IJPA) by Routledge UK, 36:13, 996-1006, in October, 2013

 A Journal article on "Challenges of People's Participation at Local Governance" published in the Nepalese Journal of Public Policy and Governance in the Volume: XXIV, Number: 1, Issue: January - July, 2009

 An article on “Domestic Violence: An Issue of Human Security in Bangladesh” published in Empowerment, 2009, Vol 16.

 A research monograph on “Eviction of Rickshaws from the Main Roads of Dhaka City: Impacts on the Lives and Livelihoods of the Rickshaw Pullers”, published by Research Initiatives Bangladesh, 2007

 A journal article entitled “ New Institutional Thinking: The Role of Member of Parliaments in Local Governance and Development” published in the Social Science Journal (Samajik Bigyan Patrika) of Dhaka University in the Volume 1, Issue 1, 2006

Co-author of the different articles of a book titled “Human Rights and Good Governance” published by Manusher Jonno (MJ), 2006

A booklet on World Trade Organization and Kankun Conference: The Development Future of Bangladesh, Published from Department of Development Studies, Dhaka University, Dhaka, April 2004

A policy brief on LDCs, the MFA (Multi Fiber Arrangement) and the future of trade in textiles and clothing, Published from ActionAid, Archway, London, 2002


  • NORAD Post Doctoral Fellowship (University of Bergen, Norway), 2011
  • Ph.D research fund by Social Science Research Council (SSRC) of Ministry   of Planning, Bangladesh Government (2003-2007)
  • Norwegian State Education Loan Fund for M.Phil degree (1996-1999)


University of Bergen, Norway

Post Doctoral Fellowship/Visiting Professor, 2011

University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Ph.D. Public Administration,  2007

University of Bergen
, Norway

M.Phil in Public Administration, 1999

University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Master of Social Sciences in Public Administration, 1995

University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bachelor of Social Sciences in Public Administration, 1993

February 2016- till date

2008- January 2016


Public Policy and Governance Program, Department of Political Science and Sociology, North South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Associate Professor

Public Policy and Governance Program, Department of Political Science and Sociology, North South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh



Assistant Professor (Adjunct)

Department of General and Continuing Education, North South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh


2008- till date


Master in Public Policy and Governance Program- an International Master Program for South Asian Civil Servants from Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka funded by Norwegian Government




2014- till date







Project Manager

Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP)- supported by World Bank and University Grants Commission (UGC) to introduce a new Executive Master in Policy and Governance



Team Leader

Change Management Training Program- a Specialized Training Program for the Young Civil Servants of Bangladesh, funded by UNDP and jointly organized with Ministry of Public Administration of Bangladesh Government



Policy Analyst/ Policy Coordinator

Policy Advocacy Department, Action Aid Bangladesh, Dhaka. Also worked as the Country Focal Person of ‘International Food Rights Campaign’ of Action Aid International  






Since 2012                                




Since 2006

Academic Adviser, M.Phil Program

Armed Forces War Course Wing

National Defense College (NDC)


Guest Lecturer

  • Department of Development Studies, International Relations, Dhaka University
  • Institute of Governance Studies (IGS), BRAC University
  • National Institute of Local Government (NILG)
  • Bangladesh Academy of Rural Development (BARD)

Thesis Supervision

  • National Defense College
  • Institute of Governance Studies (IGS) BRAC University






Research Associate 

Social Science Database Project, LOS Senteret, Bergen, Norway


Research Assistant

NGO Evaluation Project, Norwegian Research Center, Bergen, Norway


Consultant- Good Governance

Fair Election Monitoring Alliance (FEMA), Dhaka, Bangladesh




Country coordinator of the research project (2015-17) on Public Sector Human Resource Management in SAARC Countries funded by NORAD


Team leader of cross country survey (2014-2017) on governance and trust in three South Asian countries: Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal



A consultancy report on Governance Framework and Political Economy of Public Investment Management (PIM) in Bangladesh, produced for World Bank in 2014



Team leader of the Bangladesh chapter of the survey on State of Democracy in South Asia, jointly organized by Asian Barometer of Taiwan University, 2011-14



A survey on Citizen Charter in Bangladesh jointly conducted by University of Bergen, Norway and North South University, Bangladesh, 2010



Developed a research report on “Finding out the Reform for Union Parishad: A Participatory Research on Standing Committees of Union Parishad” for Social Science Research Council (SSRC) of Planning Commission Bangladesh, 2010



A survey on Citizen’s Trust on Public Services of Bangladesh jointly conducted by University of Bergen, Norway and North South University, Bangladesh, 2008


Conducted a research on " Rethinking Institutional Strategy: Role of MPs (Member of Parliaments) in local development at Union Parishad Level", 2008


Worked as the coordinator of the research team that conducted a research on "Local Government Finance" commissioned by Japan International Co-operation Agency (JICA),2007


Worked as the team leader of two baseline surveys on “Monga Mitigation Initiative Pilot Program- II (MMIPP-II)” with Social Development Foundation and funded by World Bank, 2007


Developed a strategy paper and module on “CCCD (Child Centered Community Development) approach and capacity development initiative for Union Parishad” with Plan Bangladesh, 2007


Finalizing the “External Environment Analysis” of Country Strategy Paper (CSP) of Concern Bangladesh, 2007


Worked as the team leader of the study titled “Impact evaluation on Monga Mitigation Initiative Pilot Program- II (MMIPP-II)” with Social Development Foundation and funded by World Bank, 2006


Conducted a participatory research on “ The Rights and Livelihood Options of Fishermen in Some Restricted Hilsha Fishing Areas” for Manusher Jonno (MJ), 2006


Conducted and Annual Client Satisfaction Survey through Report Card method for Chars Livelihoods Program (CLP) of DFID, 2005


Developed a policy analysis and policy advocacy manual for the small scale enterprises with the support of  ITDG, 2005

Developed a part of the manual on “Human Rights and Governance” for Mahusher Jonno (MJ) jointly with Empowerment through Law of the Common People (ELCOP), 2004


Developed a training module on "Governance and Public Finance Issues : A New Challenge for Rights Based Approach" for the partner organizations of ActionAid Bangladesh, 2004


Conducted a study on “ Banning of Rickshaw from some major routes of Dhaka City: Its Impact on the Livelihood of Rickshaw puller Community” with the collaboration of Research Initiatives Bangladesh (RIB), 2003


Conducted a research and advocacy work on “Government Policy on Hilsha Catching: Effects on the Livelihood of Fishing Community” with the partnership of ActionAid Bangladesh, 2003


Developed a strategic plan (on the basis of action research) for the partners of DFID on the "Livelihood Component of Fourth Fisheries Project", 2003


Worked as a consultant for formulating the strategy paper of Commonwealth Education Fund (CEF) on behalf of the lead agencies of CEF (i.e. Oxfam, Save the Children UK, and ActionAid Bangladesh), 2003


Worked as an external researcher for a review on Accountable and Responsive Governance Campaign of Action Aid Bangladesh, 2002


Conducted a basic research on domestic violence on behalf of partners of Academy for Education and Development (AED) program of USAID, 2002


Conducted a research for CARE Bangladesh on " Exclusion from Education: Understanding the situation of bihari children at Saidpur town" 2002


Worked as a research coordinator of the study titled " Perception of Governance: The Unheard Voices" commissioned by Manabik Shahajya Sangstha (MSS) 2002


Research on Promoting Pro-poor Issues: Role of MPs and Major Political Parties in Bangladesh, 2001



Conducted a survey on the impact of hartal on the poor of Dhaka city, 2000



Conducted A Report Card Survey on Corruption in Primary Education, 2000

Undergraduate Courses:

1. Introduction to Public Administration (PAD 201)
2. Introduction to Governance (POL 104)

Graduate Courses:

1. Organization Theory and Behavior (PPG 505)
2. Contemporary Issues in Governance and Public Management (PPG 520)
3. Globalization and International Organizations (PPG 540)
4. Research Design Seminar (PPG 565)
5. MPPG thesis (PPG 555)

  • General Member- International Political Science Association  (IPSA)
  • General Member- International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR)
  • Trustee Member- Neeti Gobeshona Kendro (Policy Research Center)
  • Member of Advisory Board- East Delta University, Chittagong, Bangladesh
  • Member of Advisory Baord- Fair Election Monitoring Alliance (FEMA)
Professor Haque's academic and research interests include South Asian governance theories, local governance, globalization and international trade regimes, administrative culture and behavior, civil society and aid agencies model of governance. Dr. Haque has published edited books, book chapters and research papers in international and national peer reviewed journals in the field of administrative culture, models of governance, institutional accountability, local civil society, women empowerment and development management.