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Online Examination System at NSU

Introduction of Online Examination System in North South University

NSU has started the first online exam in the history of all educational institutions of Bangladesh. The brilliant IT Department of NSU developed this online exam system (initially for MPPG) through RDS. The faculty members can now upload the questions at the Question Bank prior to the exam and the students can give the answers through their exam portal by using RDS in the dedicated PCs. There are features like auto save, word count, timer setting and others.



The first online exam of MPPG program was successfully conducted on 11th July. The graduate students of PPG program will follow the same system while they will be in Norway. Our Norwegian partners are quite happy with the quality and security of the system. The honorable Chairman of BoT, Members of BoT, Vice-chancellor and Pro Vice-Chancellor (D) visited the exam hall during this exam. PPG program thanks the IT Director and his team for developing this system and make NSU the pioneer in this field. This is an important step to establish NSU as the first Green/paperless University of the country.