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Publication of Prof. Gias U. Ahsan’s co-authored work in EOS Magazine

Publication of Prof. Gias U. Ahsan’s co-authored work, “Satellites and Cell Phones Form a Cholera Early-Warning System”, in EOS Magazine (VOL.99, NO. 6, June 2018 edition), featured as the cover article

North South University takes great pride in announcing that the world-renowned magazine, EOS has featured the work of Professor Rita R. Colwell, Professor Gias U. Ahsan and others, representing North South University & other top US universities, including university of Maryland, as the cover article of its VOL.99, NO. 6, June 2018 edition. This the first NASA funded and largest project on Cholera warning mechanism. The project is titled, “Satellites and Cell Phones Form a Cholera Early-Warning System”, and involves developing a, “Early-Warning Mechanism”, utilizing satellite data to forecast/predict Cholera outbreaks in vulnerable regions. The entire project was planned and conducted under the leadership of Prof. Ahsan.

EOS is renowned in the US as the leading source for news and perspectives covering Earth and space sciences and their impact. Based in Washington, DC the magazine publishes news, book reviews, AGU journal and meeting abstracts, meeting programs and reports and peer-reviewed articles on current research and on the linking of geoscience to social and political questions. EOS is indexed by GeoRef, GEOBASE, Scopus, PubMed, and several other databases. It is a GeoRef priority journal.

Such prolific coverage of North South University, by a world-renowned publishing body will surely boost the prestige of NSU, helping to further establish the eminence of the institution on a global scale. We look forward to getting more similar coverages in the near future. Such coverages will also help NSU to obtain more external resources for conducting researches and provide the necessary push to go up the ranking table. Congratulations to Prof. Ahsan for such achievement!

EOS Magazine - VOL.99 ,NO.6 ,JUNE 2018