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(Bi-) Semester System Announcement


Dear Students,

As per the UGC directive, NSU is going to commence the (bi-)semester system for all programs starting from this spring semester of 2023. All undergraduate students are recommended to take 15 credits (minimum) in each semester for timely completion of degree requirement. For each 3-credit course there will be a 70-minute class twice a week for 18 weeks. There will be 9 class slots from 8 AM to 6:30 PM. Students will be able to make tuition fee payments in two instalments each semester. Further details in this regard will be given in the academic calendar on our website soon. For any questions, please contact your department chair/ program director. More details will be provided soon.   
Thanks in advance for your patience and cooperation in making this transition as smooth as possible.  
Best wishes. 
Dr. Ahmed Tazmeen
Ph.D., University of Manitoba, Canada
M.S., Illinois State University, USA
Associate Professor of Economics 
North South University