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Economics Research Platform

NSU Economics Research Platform (ERP)

Housed within the NSU School of Business and Economics, Economics Research Platform (ERP) strives to: 

  • inform policy debate and facilitate evidence-based decision making through robust analysis and its timely dissemination;
  • build and maintain strategic partnerships with leading research institutions, development partners and apex policy making bodies; and
  • foster research capacity through structured training programs and access to research infrastructure including sound analytical frameworks and critical datasets, for students, budding researchers and future industry leaders.

ERP undertakes and facilitates economic research and policy analysis through:

  • academic and commissioned research and policy studies within NSU;
  • research collaboration across disciplines within and beyond NSU;
  • in-house training programs & short-courses; and
  • policy discussion and research dissemination.

ERP has been set up with a generous grant of BDT 1.26 crore from the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh under the Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP), with significant co-funding from NSU. The HEQEP sub-project for setting up ERP completed successfully in 2017.

The Platform hosts a seminar series, occassional workshops and conferences. It warmly welcomes Non-Resident Bangladeshi academics and researchers who happen to be visiting Bangladesh and are keen to present their recently completed or advanced research work at ERP. 

Recently, ERP hosted a national conversation on "Emerging Challenges and the National Budget: Options for Actions", providing a forum for policy makers, business leaders, eminent economists and the country’s development partners to have a candid and outcome-focused conversation on the looming economic challenges and their likely implications for the national budget of the Bangladesh Government.