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NSU Genome Research Institute (NGRI)

NSU Genome Research Institute (NGRI)

Distinguished Professor Rita R. Colwell, University of Maryland and john Hopkins University and honorable BOT Chair, Mr Azimn Uddin Ahmed inaugurated the NSU Genome Research Institute (NGRI), the first of its kind in Bangladesh on May 14, 2017. Such establishment is a milestone in the country and provides the genomic infrastructure for Bangladesh and train new talent in this emerging field.

The vision of the institute is to become the center for excellence in genomic research at NSU and help to improve health of people in our region and around the world through advances in genomic medicine.

NGRI has successfully sequenced whole genomes of a number of bacterial pathogens. The first genome will be available at GenBank ( with the accession number: PDNJ00000000. NGRI is optimizing the protocol for identifying different cancer markers. NGRI is working closely with world renowned Universities including Johns Hopkins, University of Marlyand, ICDDR, B., University of Dhaka and many others. They have also identified unique markers for early diagnosis of Preeclampsia (a disorder of pregnancy characterized by the onset of high blood pressure and often a significant amount of protein in the urine). NGRI is in the process of whole genome sequencing of emerging and re-emerging indigenous viral pathogens including Chikungunya & dengue viruses and this will help to identify potential new targets for intervention and vaccine development.

The institute works closely with the Faculty Members of School of Health and Life Science and other scientists in the relevant fields that range in expertise from basic biology to translational and medical fields. Platform Leaders comprise some of early career researchers will handle the latest technology available at the institute such as: Next Generation Sequencing, High-throughput Biology, Metagenomics, Genome Engineering, Genotyping, Cytogenetics, and Single Cell Genomics.

NGRI will be a platform to maximize research efficiencies with proper grants from national and international donors. With the establishment of such word class facilities the institute will serve as the strong basis for sustainable research establishment by offering PhD and Postdoctoral positions and resulting in high quality publications.

The institute will also ensure the establishment of global leadership in the area of capacity development, innovation, research, evaluation, publications, network and advocacy.