Center of Excellence in Higher Education
The First Private University in Bangladesh

North South University Vision, Mission & Strategy


North South University will be and remain a center of excellence in higher education. It will gain recognition, nationally and globally and will attract students, faculty, and staff from all parts of the world.


The mission of North South University is to produce competent graduates in their selected disciplines who will have productive careers or choose to engage in advanced studies.

Our students will be:

  1. Life-long learners with good leadership skills
  2. More proficient in oral, written and electronic communication
  3. Critical thinkers with well-developed analytical skills
  4. Ethical and socially responsible
  5. Champions of diversity and tolerance
  6. Globally aware with commitment to social justice and sustainability
The university aims at:
  1. Offering socially relevant academic programs consisting of a substantial general education component in all undergraduate programs
  2. Recruiting and retaining good students, well-trained faculty with graduate degrees from overseas and qualified staff
  3. Promoting effective teaching, quality research, and service
  4. Providing appropriate physical facilities including classroom, labs and library with state of the art educational technology;
  5. Supporting co-curricular and extra-curricular activities
  6. Practicing good governance and administration that encourage academic freedom and faculty-staff participation and
  7. Purposeful engagement of our alumni and community leaders.

- Approved by the Board of Trustees on September 30, 2014