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School of Health & Life Sciences


Welcome to the NSU School of Health and Life Sciences (SHLS). NSU SHLS provides the highest quality education at undergraduate and graduate levels and conducts cutting-edge research. We believe in producing competent graduates who will be able to make sustainable development for individuals, communities and the world.

The four departments: Biochemistry & Microbiology, Environmental Sciences & Management, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Public Health. follow well-rounded curricula developed in line with those of top-tier North American Universities. Consequently, our graduates enjoy immediate job placements, steep career growths and rewarding lifestyles. The SHLS recruits extremely qualified faculty members who have Masters or PhD degrees from internationally renowned universities. All faculty members are equipped with innovative teaching tools and vast research experiences so that our students can achieve the best education.

SHLS has state-of-the-art laboratories to conduct basic and translational research in different fields of life sciences including emergence and re-emergence of deadly microbes, antimicrobial resistance, lifestyle diseases, neural and genetic disorders, environment pollution, climate change, public health issues etc. In addition, NSU Genome Research Institute (NGRI) and NSU Global Health & Climate Research Institute (NGH&CRI) undertake various research to solve local and global problems, and organize training and workshops. We have strong collaborations with many globally recognized research institutes home and abroad, government organizations, NGOs and pharmaceutical industries. NSU SHLS promises a vibrant life by making a combination of curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Join NSU SHLS, enjoy the excellent opportunities, meet the challenges and reach your goals.


Dr. Dipak Kumar Mitra

Professor & Dean, SHLS
Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, USA
MPH. Harvard University, USA

North South University is a center of excellence in Bangladesh that promotes the highest standard of edu- cation and research in the country. The School of Health and Life Sciences (SHLS) is one of the leading schools in the University with a diverse and well-rounded set of departments. The school takes pride in its strong academic foundations and ensures the knowledge- based teaching and innovative research. Since its inception, the school has thrived in the establishment of sound collaborations with national and international institutions and agencies aiming to create a Global Health Center that would lead to high-quality research output. Here we aim to give an insight into the overall strengths and key areas of research of the school in a concise manner.


The School of Health and Life Sciences brings together outstanding students and faculty in a collaborative and innovative learning environment. Currently, there are around 1600 outstanding and diverse students from over 13 countries are studying in the four departments of the school.


The School of Health and Life Sciences (SHLS) is dedicated towards generation and dissemination of knowledge to ensure human welfare

  • To create highly competent graduates through innovative education and quality research
  • To achieve professional capability regarding excellent leadership, management and communication skills


Strategic goals

Since the establishment of the school, faculty, staff, students and community partners have begun implementing many of the goals and strategies identified in the plan.

  • Establishment of a sound academic and research environment
  • Development of international standard undergraduate and graduate programs
  • Promoting and enhancing collaborations with national and international institutions
  • Creating a knowledge and information hub for the policy makers and professionals
  • Under the umbrella of Global Health Center, the establishment of new generation facilities for genomics, nano-medicine, and drug development.

Dr. Dipak Kumar Mitra

Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, USA
MPH. Harvard University, USA