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Dr. Farzana Nahid

Associate Professor, Department of Marketing & International Business

Former Director, North South University Startups Next (NSUSN)

Phone: +880-2-55668200
Office: NAC 734 (1)





My journey in academia and the professional realm spans a diverse spectrum of responsibilities across various domains. As an Associate Professor within one of Bangladesh's premier Business Programs like NSU, my focus lies in nurturing the next cohort of business leaders. I strive to equip them with cutting-edge insights and practices in Marketing, Management, and International Business.

Before my academic tenure, I completed my PhD in Business History at the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With eight years of industry experience at Sparkle International and Robi Axiata Ltd., I delved into diverse roles before embarking on my doctoral journey. My research pursuits traverse the realms of entrepreneurship, family businesses, digital marketing, branding, and startups.

I am adept at orchestrating research endeavors, both autonomously and collaboratively within interdisciplinary teams, ensuring strict adherence to ethical and legal protocols. Notably, as the founder and director of the university startup incubation program, North South University Startups Next, I actively contributed to mentoring and nurturing young aspiring entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, my engagement extends to project management and coordination for endeavors sponsored by esteemed entities like the World Bank and The City Bank Ltd. At the university, I serve as the Chair of the Outreach Committee where am leading industry expert-related seminars and workshops, and as coordinator for the Social Engagement wing of the AACSB accreditation team am guiding faculty members to infuse socially impactful elements into their teaching methodologies.

Beyond academia, I wear multiple hats, serving as a Senior News Presenter at NTV since 2004 and directing a social enterprise named "Bikolpo Foundation," dedicated to providing caregiver services to the elderly. Additionally, my involvement with the Bangladesh News Broadcaster’s Association, both as the Education and Training secretary and the former International Media Secretary, underscores my commitment to industry development.

My overarching goal is to emerge as a preeminent scholar and educator in Entrepreneurship, Family Business, and Marketing. Moreover, I take pride in offering career and personal development guidance to my students and the women entrepreneurs I engage with. Above all, I hold steadfast to the belief that being a compassionate human being supersedes all professional endeavors and expertise.


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Nahid, F. (2022). Exploring the level of acceptance of e-newspapers over print newspapers, NSBR.

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Newspaper Publications:

A call for DigitAll to bolster Women’s Economic Empowerment. By Dr. Farzana Nahid. Daily Observer: 4th March 2023.

Analytics for digitization: What is still keeping us behind? By. Dr. Farzana Nahid. The Financial Express: November 23, 2022.

Including grass-roots women into formal economy. By Dr. Farzana Nahid. New Age: April 09, 2022.

Rethinking Marketing Communication in Digital Era. By Dr. Farzana Nahid. The New Nation: 13 March 2022.

Local Investors not yet convinced. By Dr. Farzana Nahid. The Financial Express: May 26 2022.

Dr. Farzana Nahid: Notun Projonmer Alor Pothojatri. A feature article on Dr. Farzana Nahid. Manab Jamin:27th December 2021.

Narir Proti Drishtibhongi Hok Itibachok. A feature interview on Dr. Farzana Nahid. Roksi Magazine: March 3, 2022.

Farzana Nahid: A beacon for new generation. A feature article on Dr. Farzana Nahid. Daily Observer: May 28 2022.

Dr. Farzana Nahid and her tale of action as a leader. A feature Article on Dr. Farzana Nahid. Mirror Magazine: vol.21, issue 10, 2022.

Forthcoming Publication


  • Nahid, F, Mursalin, S. Book on “Startups and Bangladesh: Tales and takeaways”
  • Nahid. F., Hossain, A., Mursalin, S. Book on “Social Business Case book: Bangladesh”
  • Book on Stories of Women Entrepreneurs of Bangladesh






Best Paper Award for “Family Firms in Bangladesh: Entrepreneurship and State Intervention” at an International Conference of Business, Economics, Energy and Environmental Science at KL Malaysia on 19th September 2014.

 International Women’s Day award and certificate by Mirror magazine for Outstanding Contribution to Teaching held on 9th March 2023 at The Shooting Club, Gulshan, Dhaka.

Title of qualification awarded: Ph.D
Field of Studies: Business History
Institution & Address: University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Year: 2017

Title of qualification awarded: MBA
Field of Studies: Finance & Marketing
Institution & Address: North South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Year: 2007

Title of qualification awarded: BBA
Field of Studies: Finance & Marketing
Institution & Address: North South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Year: 2005

North South University                                                                                                         

Associate Professor (Full Time)                                                                                                       Department of Marketing & International Business

January, 2018 - Present


North South University Startups Next (NSUSN)                                                                 


January, 2020 - 2022


World Bank Business Support Center

Program Coordinator and Mentor

Wefi Wing of The World Bank Ltd and BreakBite

December 2023-Present


City ALO Women Entrepreneurs’ Certification Program                                                 

Dhaka, Bangladesh                                                                                                                      

Program Coordinator, Module Designer & Trainer

January 2019 – Present


Citybank Rural Program                                                                                                             

Dhaka, Bangladesh                                                                                                                         

Module Designer & Trainer

April 2021 – Present


Innovation Consultants Training Program by The World Bank Ltd.                                                                           

Module Designer & Trainer

April 2021-Present


ITEEE Program                                                                                                                                

North South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh                                                                                                                                                                Module Designer & Trainer

April 2021 – Decemberer 2023


Coordinator for Social Engagement for APT, NSU

February 2023-present


Chair of Outreach Committee, Department of Marketing, NSU                                   

January 2018 - present


Member of International Quality   

Assurance Cell, NSU               

September 2018- September 2019


Career and Personal Development Counseling

January 1st, 2018- Present




Bikalpa Foundation (A caregiver Service Provider)                                                            

Dhaka, Bangladesh


January, 2021- Present


Workshop trainer

SME Foundation, Bangladesh                                                                                                         

May 2022-Present


NTV, Int. Television Channel Ltd. (Bangladesh)                                                                   

Senior News Presenter 

January, 2004 – Present                                                                                                                                                         

Sparkle International, Dhaka, Bangladesh                                                                                   

Marketing Manager 

April, 2009 - June, 2012                                                                                                                                                          

Robi Axiata Ltd., Dhaka, Bangladesh                                                                                             

Marketing Manager                                                                                                             

April, 2007 - March, 2009


International Media Secretary

News Broadcasters’ Association

Dhaka, Bangladesh

January 2020- June 2021



Principles to Marketing UG
Entrepreneurship (UG)

Promotional Management (UG & PG)

Marketing Analytics (UG & PG)

Digital Marketing (UG)
Marketing Management (PG)

Education and Training Secretary & Lifetime Member

News Broadcasters’ Association (NBA)

Dhaka, Bangladesh

June 2021- Present

Member of International Quality Assurance Cell, NSU               

September 2018- September 2019

Member of Women Entrepreneurs Association (WEA)

March 2022- present

Member of American Marketing Association (AMA)

February 2019- present

Volunteer Assistant at Faith Bangladesh

March 2022 - present


  • Family Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Digital Marketing
  • Brandinjg
  • Business History of South Asian countries
  • Political Economy of South Asia