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Department of Management - Faculty Members

Dr. Zerin Tasnim [ZTM]

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University Putra Malaysia
MBA, North South University, Bangladesh
B.Sc. Eng., Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET).

Mr. Md. Hannan Miah [MHM]

Senior Lecturer
MBA , Wichita State University, USA
MA in Economoics, Wichita State University, USA
BBA , Wichita State University, USA

Mr. Shahid Hossain [ShH]

Senior Lecturer
MBA (Management), New York Institute of Technology, NY
BSc (Marketing), Winona State University, MN

Mr. Ashik Imran Khan [AIK]

Senior Lecturer
MBA, Texas A & M University - Commerce, TX, USA

Md. Al-Amin [Mli]

Senior Lecturer
MBA, University of Aberdeen, UK
M.Sc., University of South Wales, UK

Mr. MM Nawaz Ameen [NwA]

Senior Lecturer
EMBA, Troy University, USA
BBA, Georgia State University, USA

Shafquat Rafiul Alam [Sqt]

Senior Lecturer
M.Com in HRM, University of New South Wales, Australia
BBA, Central Queensland University, Australia

Quazi Tafsirul Islam [QTI]

Senior Lecturer & Coordinator, NSU Startups Next.
M.Sc., University of Dundee, UK
BBA, North South University

Bobby Hajjaj [BHj]

Senior Lecturer
MBA, University of Oxford, UK
BA, University of Texas, USA

Shabnin Rahman Shorna [SRS2]

Senior Lecturer
M.Sc., University of South Florida, USA

Mr.Tajuddin Ahmed [TuA]

MBA, California State University, USA
BBA, California State University, USA

Ms. Afnaan Ahmed [Afd]

Senior Lecturer
MA., University of Sussex, UK
BBA, Management,Independent University Bangladesh

Mr. Adeyl Khan [Ayn]

MBA, North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND, USA
B. Sc. Engineering, Saint Cloud State University, St. Cloud, MN, USA

Mr. Shah Iftekhar Hossain [Ift]

MBA, Wichita State University, USA
B.Sc., Wichita State University, USA