Center of Excellence in Higher Education
The First Private University in Bangladesh

Department of Mathematics & Physics - Faculty Members

Mr. Muhammed Mustak Mia - [MtM]

Senior Lecturer
MS, University of Dayton, USA

Dr. Md. Sumon Hossain [MSHs]

Assistant Professor
Phd., University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Mahboob Shaheen [MS1]

Senior Lecturer
MS, University of Windsor, Canada

Md. Zahangir Hossain [ZHn]

Senior Lecturer
M.Sc., Memorial University, Canada

Mr. Zasim U. Mazumder - [ZUM]

Senior Lecturer
MS, University of Dayton, USA

Mohammad Mahmud Hasan [MMH5]

Senior Lecturer (On Study Leave )
M.Sc, Ryerson University, Canada

Md Arifuzzaman [Azm1]

Senior Lecturer (On Study Leave)
MSc, University of Lethbridge, Canada

Md Salik Ahmed [SKA2]

Senior Lecturer (On Study Leave)
M.Sc., Harbin Engineering University (HEU), China

Afroja Parvin [APv]

Lecturer (On Study Leave )
MS., McMaster University, Canada

Muhammad Sohel Rana [MSRa]

Lecturer (On Study Leave)
M.Sc., Western Kentucky University, USA