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NSU Student Facilities

Student Lounge

The Student Boy's Lounge is a comfortable area open to students for gathering, studying, and relaxing between classes. The Lounge is equipped with comfortable furniture and TV.

Study Hall

Student's Presences at Study Hall (2nd floor of library building)

Quiet Study Hall at NSU Library

Medical Center

NSU has a medical center which is located at 4th floor SAC Building to provide the medical facilities to the students, teachers and others. List of services are as below:

  • Medical consultation and refer patients to specialize doctor as and when required.  
  • First Aid treatment to all NSU employees.
  • Emergency management of the patient and evacuate to the nearest hospital if required by NSU Ambulance.
  • Supply of emergency medicine to patients in case of emergency.
  • Ensure proper nursing to patients when needed.
  • Check and verify medical documents of students for semester drop and refund.
  • Check and verify medical documents of officials and staff of NSU.
  • Attend emergency patients within the NSU Campus as and when required.

Contact with the Medical Officer for further details information.

Dr. Ahmad Munir Hussainr

Medical Officer

Dr. Lubna Mariam

Medical Officer

NSU Sports & Fitness Center

NSU Sports & Fitness Center with Multipurpose Gym, Basketball Court & Gallery located at student amenities area for students, faculty and staff members. The Sports & Fitness Center are staffed with trained Fitness Associates and Fitness Supervisors to ensure the safety of participants and assist in basic exercise selection or performing exercise that may need to be spotted.

Prayer Room

Prayer room facility is available for both male and female student besides their respective study hall  


NSU has huge cafeteria area. NSU cafeteria serves Bangle, Chinese and fast food. It maintains high quality of food with affordable cost. It also maintains cleanliness and food hygiene.


Recreation Center


The NSU Recreation facility serves the purpose for students’ entertainment and physical workout. Currently it provides with table tennis and other game activities.

Open Auditorium

All year round in different events take place in NSU’s Open auditorium.  It  has a spacious stage with latest technology.

Open Play Ground

ATM Booth
Parking Facility

About Us

The North South University-Student Counseling Center (NSU-SCC), under the Office of the Pro Vice Chancellor, functions under the stewardship of Director Mrs. Fariha Harun.

It is a support system for the students of the University, and addresses their emotional well being. It serves as a primary mental health care unit, and as such it offers talking therapy and advice for further referrals. It has no jurisdiction over the academic and administrative affairs of the University.

For appointments, current students can self-refer, or be referred via Faculty, family, and other NSU students by mailing requests to with full name, NSU ID, NSU email, and a valid phone number of the client.

The NSU-SCC offers one to one or group sessions for the students and if necessary, with  related persons. It has 5 counselors, specialising in Psychosocial, Counseling, and Clinical Psychology.

The counselors and students/clients must maintain confidentiality. However, in situations such as suicide, sexual harassment, and drug abuse, SCC has to protect the liability of the university, and act accordingly.


For more specific queries, students can mail-




Student Counselor

counselling support

Md. Shaphawat Hossain

Assistant Student Counselor

counselling support

Masuma Akter Sumi

Assistant Student Counselor

clinical support

Saidul Islam

Assistant Student Counselor

clinical support

Rima Saha



Level-4, Admin Building

Student Counseling Center

North South University









  • Awareness raising program through motivation enhancing workshop
  • Individual Counseling/Psychotherapy (One to One Contact)
  • Couple Counseling/Therapy (Two persons contact with one counselor/therapist)
  • Family Counseling/Therapy (Two or more family members contact with one counselor/therapist)
  • Group Therapy
  • Psychiatric referral service (when medication is essential)
  • Psychological Life Skill Training
  • Skill training on controlling emotion
Up Comming Events

Date: November 24 2016

Date: November 17 2016

Office Hours


Sunday: 9 am to 9:30 pm

Monday: 9 am to 8 pm

Tuesday to Thursday: 9 am to 5 pm

Photo Gallery

Service Feedback
Contact Us

To make an appointment or any kind of information please call- 55668200

 Ext-1220 ( )

 Ext. 1221 ()

 Ext. 1245 (Md. Shaphawat Hossain)

 Office: Admin Building, Level 4

Open Gallery

Campus Security

North South University's (NSU) campus security team is a crucial part of the university. From the watchmen to a professional law enforcement official, they all work fastidiously to ensure campus security.

NSU has an exemplary security service with 170 CCTV cameras stationed within and across the university borders.

NSU Book Shop

NSU Book Shop is located in admin building (besides information desk)




Md. Shaphawat Hossain

Assistant Student Counselor

Md. Shaphawat Hossain, working as an Assistant Student Counselor in student Counseling center, North South University. He is an International Certified Addiction Professional, ICAP-1, ICCE, The Colombo Plan. He is a Master trainer of Addiction. He has completed his Professional counseling degree from University of Dhaka. He is working in this field since 2008. He is interested to work with Substance Abuse Related areas, relationship issues, General Anxiety & stress.