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Md. Shawkat Islam Sohel, Ph.D.

Full Time FacultyAssistant Professor Ph.D., The University of Queensland, Australia M.Sc., Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel (CAU), Germany Phone: +880-2-55668200 Ext- 1776Email: shawkat.sohel@northsouth.eduOffice: NAC 770Curriculum Vitae  

Mr. Md Shawkat Islam Sohel has developed his skills in the field of ecology and catchment management. He is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Science and Management at North South University (NSU). Before joining NSU, he worked at the Center for Environmental and Geographic Information Services (CEGIS), A Public Trust under the Ministry of Water Resources, as an Associate Consultant in several national projects. Mr. Sohel receives his Ph.D. in Ecohydrology from The University of Queensland, Australia. He also achieved an M.Sc. in Ecohydrology from CAU, Germany, and another M.Sc. in Forestry from Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh. Mr. Sohel has broad research interest in forest-water interaction, impacts of anthropogenic and natural disturbance on forest and aquatic ecosystems; agroforestry systems; buffer-zone management; protected area management, forest nutrient, and carbon cycling; restoration ecology, and ecosystem services. It is worth mentioning that some of his research work has been published in reputed peer-reviewed journals.

PEER-REVIEWED PUBLICATIONS (only selected publications are listed below) 2023 Sohel MSI, Islam HMN, Newaz KMN, Khan MFA, Sarker GC, Bhuiyan MSR. 2023. Ecohydrological, climatic and tree architectural considerations for reforestation program using swamp vegetation of Bangladesh. Ecohydrology and Hydrobiology (Elsevier, IF-2.95, Q1) Sohel MSI, Herbohn J, Nehemy, MF, McDonnell JJ.  2023. Differences between stem and branch xylem water isotope composition in four tropical tree species. Ecohydrology (Wiley, IF-3.166, Q1) Sohel MSI, Herbohn J, Zhao Y, McDonnell JJ. 2023. Sap flux and stable isotopes of water show contrasting tree water uptake strategies in two co-occurring tropical rainforest tree species. Ecohydrology (Wiley, IF-3.166, Q1) Mannan IA, Sujauddin M, Sohel MSI. 2023. Evaluating the financial effectiveness of funded projects on Tiger conservation in Bangladesh. Tropical Conservation Science 16: 1–14 (Sage, IF-1.7, Q2)  Sohel MSI, Islam HMN, Md. Amanat Ullah, Newaz KMN, Khan MFA, Sarker GC, Md. Sadequr Rahman Bhuiyan MSR. 2023. Ecological and economic significance of swamp vegetation nursery for successful reforestation program: an insight from Bangladesh. Geology, Ecology and Landscapes 10.1080/24749508.2023.2256546 (Taylor and Francis, Q1)   2022 Sohel MSI. 2022. Systematic review and meta-analysis reveals functional traits and climate are good predictors of tropical tree water use. Trees, Forests and People (Elsevier).   Hoque MA, Sohel MSI, Rahman MM, Ahmed N. 2022. Site suitability analysis for the construction of water reservoirs in drought-prone areas of Bangladesh using geospatial techniques. World Water Policy (Wiley, Q4)   2021 Sohel MSI, Grau AV, McDonnell JJ, Herbohn J. 2021. Tropical forest water source patterns revealed by stable isotopes: A preliminary analysis of 46 neighboring species. Forest Ecology and Management 494, 119355 (Elsevier; IF- 3.1, Q1).   Sohel MSI, Hore SK, Salam MA, Hoque MA, Ahmed N, Rahman MM, Khan HM, Rahman S, 2021. Analysis of erosion–accretion dynamics of major rivers of world’s largest mangrove forest using geospatial techniques. Regional Studies in Marine Science 46, 101901 (Elsevier; IF- 1.62, Q2)  Ahmed A, Mahmud H, Sohel MSI. 2021. DPSIR framework to analyze anthropogenic factors influence on provisioning and cultural ecosystem services of Sundarbans East Reserve Forest, Bangladesh. Regional Studies in Marine Science, 102042 (Elsevier; IF- 1.62, Q2)   2020 Hoque MA, Pradhan B, Ahmed N, Sohel MSI. 2020. Agricultural drought risk assessment of Northern New South Wales, Australia using geospatial techniques. Science of the Total Environment,; IF- 6.55, Q1). 2019 Mukul SA, Alamgir M, Sohel MSI, Pert PL, Turton SM, Herbohn J, Khan MSI, Ali Reza AHM, Munim SA, Laurance WF. 2019. Combined effects of climate change and sea-level rise project dramatic habitat loss of the globally endangered Bengal tiger in the Bangladesh Sundarbans. Science of the Total Environment, 663: 830-840 (Elsevier; IF - 6.55, Q1). Sohel MSI, Salam MA, Herbohn J, 2019. An assessment of woody plant water source studies from across the globe: What do we know after 30 years of research and where do we go from here? Hydrology 6(2), 40 (Scopus Index, MDPI, Q2) 2018 Wills J, Herbohn J, Hu J, Sohel MSI, Firn J. 2018. Tree leaf trade-offs are stronger for sub-canopy trees: leaf traits reveal little about growth rates in canopy trees. Ecological Applications DOI:10.1002/eap.1715(Ecological Society of America; IF-4.31, Q1) Hu J, Herbohn J, Chazdon RL, Baynes J, Wills J, Meadows J, Sohel MSI. 2018. Recovery of species composition in a logged and silviculturally treated Australian tropical forest over 46 years. Forest Ecology and Management 409, 660-666 (Elsevier; IF–3.17, Q1)  2017 Mukul SA, Sohel MSI, Herbohn J, Inostroza L, Ko╠łnig H. 2017. Integrating ecosystem services supply potential from future land-use in protected area management: A Bangladesh case study. Ecosystem Services 26, 355-364 (Elsevier; IF–6.63, Q1). Akhter S, McDonald MA., van Breugel P, Sohel MSI, Kjær ED, Mariott R. 2017. Habitat distribution modelling to identify areas of high conservation value under climate change for Mangifera sylvatica Of Bangladesh. Land Use Policy 60, 223–232 (Elsevier; IF-3.86, Q1) 2016 Sohel MSI, Akhter S, Ullah H, Haque E, Rana P. 2016. Predicting impacts of climate change on forest tree species of Bangladesh: evidence from threatened Dysoxylum binectariferum (Roxb.) Hook.f. ex Bedd. (Meliaceae). iForest– doi: 10.3832/ifor1608-009. (An International Journal published by the Italian Society of Silviculture and Forest Ecology from Italy; IF-1.68, Q2) 2015 Sohel MSI, Mukul SA, Chicharo L. 2015. A new ecohydrological approach for ecosystem service provisions and sustainable management of aquatic ecosystems in Bangladesh. Ecohydrology & Hydrobiology 15, 1-12 (Elsevier; IF-1.87, Q1) Sohel MSI, Mukul SA, Burkhard B. 2015. Landscape’s capacities to supply ecosystem services in Bangladesh: A mapping assessment for Lawachara National Park. Ecosystem Services 12, 128-135 (Elsevier; IF-6.63, Q1) Sohel MSI, Alamgir M, Akhter S, Rahman M. 2015 Carbon storage in a bamboo (Bambusa vulgaris) plantation in the degraded tropical forests: Implications for policy development. Land Use Policy 49, 142-151 (Elsevier; IF-3.86, Q1). 2013 Akhter S, Raihan F, Sohel MSI, Syed MA, Das SK, Alamgir M. 2013. Coping with Climate Change by Using Indigenous Knowledge of Ethnic Communities from in and around Lawachara National Park of Bangladesh. Journal of Forest Science 29, 181-193 (An International Journal published from Korea) 2012 Sohel MSI, Ullah MH. 2012. 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Implications of ecotourism development in protected area: a study from Rema-Kalenga Wildlife Sanctuary, Bangladesh. iForest 3, 23-29 (An International Journal published by The Italian Society of Silviculture and Forest Ecology from Italy; IF-1.68, Q2) Sohel MSI, Rana MP, Karim SMF, Akhter S. 2010. Linking co-management, livelihood and forest conservation in protected area: a case study of wildlife sanctuary.International Journal of Ecological Economics and Statistics 16, 86-95 (An International Journal published from India). 2009 Sohel MSI, Rana MP, Alam M, Akhter S, Alamgir M. 2009. The carbon sequestration potential of forestry sector: Bangladesh context. Journal of Forest Science 25, 157-165 (An International journal published from Korea) Rana MP, Sohel MSI, Islam MS, Akhter S, Chowdhury MSH, Alamgir M, Koike M. 2009. 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Evaluation of land-use pattern change in the West Bhanugach Reserved Forest, Bangladesh, using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques. Journal of Forestry Research 19, 193-198 (Springer; IF-1.68, Q2) S Akhter, MA Halim, Sohel MSI, SK Sarker, MSH Chowdhury, SS Sonet. 2008. A review on the use of non-timber forest products in beauty-care in Bangladesh.Journal of Forestry Research 19, 72–78 (Springer; IF-1.68, Q2)   OTHER PUBLICATIONS-COMMUNITY ARTICLES Akhter S, Rana MP, Sohel MSI. 2009. Protected area an efficacy for ecotourism development: a visitors’ valuation from Satchari National Park, Bangladesh. Tiger paper 36(3), 1-9 (Regional Quarterly Bulletin on Wildlife and National Parks Management Published by FAO, Thailand)  Akhter S, Sohel MSI, Rana MP, 2010. Use of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) in hair care in Bangladesh: an overview. Non wood news 20: 30(An Information Bulletin Published by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Italy.    CONFERENCES Sohel MSI, Herbohn J. 2015. A Synthesis of Tree Water Use Research in the Tropics Reveals Water Relation of Plant Functional Traits, Research Biasness and the Way Forward. Paper presented in the IUFRO 3.08 International Conference on “Small-Scale and Community Forestry and the Changing Nature of Forest Landscapes" held during 11-15 October, 2015 in Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.  Hu J, Wills J, Sohel MSI, Baynes J, Meadows J, Herbohn J. 2015. Effects of silvicultural treatments on growth and species composition of tropical forests over the last 45 years. Paper presented in the IUFRO 3.08 International Conference on “Small-Scale and Community Forestry and the Changing Nature of Forest Landscapes" held during 11-15 October, 2015 in Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.  Akhter S, Raihan F, Sohel MSI, Syed MA, Das SK. 2011. Coping with climate change by using indigenous knowledge of ethnic communities from in and around Lawachara National Park of Bangladesh. Paper presented in the 1st International Conference on Climate change effects and Energy Development of Bangladesh (ICCEB) that held on 21st - 23rd of July in University of Bonn, Germany  Rana MP, Sohel MSI, Akhter S, Chowdhury MSH, Koike M. Adaptation to climate changes through agroforestry practices: a case study from drought prone areas of Bangladesh Paper presented at the Third World Climate Conference held on 31st August to 4th September, 2009, organized by World Meteorological Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.  MSI Sohel, RanaMP, Akhter S. 2010. Linking Biomass Fuel Consumption and Improve Cooking Stove: A Study from Bangladesh. Paper published at the 21st world energy congress held in Canada from 11th-16th September.  MSI Sohel, UllahMH. 2012. Ecohydrology: A framework for overcoming the environmental impacts of shrimp aquaculture on the coastal zone of Bangladesh. Paper presented at International seminar on Ecohydrology and Global Water Issues held at the University of Algarve, Faro, Portugal from 4th – 5th September 2012.   BOOK CHAPTERS Sohel MSI. 2015. Ecohydrology: A New Approach to Old Problems for Sustainable Management of Aquatic Ecosystem of Bangladesh for Ecosystem Service Provision. In: L. Chicharo et al. (eds.), Ecosystem Services and River Basin Ecohydrology. DOI 10.1007/978-94-017-9846-4_1 [Springer]

MAJOR SCHOLARSHIPS 2014-2018: IPRS and APA Scholarships towards tuition and living during Ph.D. study at The University of Queensland, Australia. Funded by the Government of Australia. Session: March 2014-March, 2018. Amount Awarded ~ 206,000 AUD 2014-2018: Melbourne International Fee Remission Scholarship (MIFRS) and Melbourne International Research Scholarship (MIRS) for Ph.D. study in The University of Melbourne, Australia (Declined) 2014-2018: Erasmus Mundus FONASO Ph.D. Fellowship Shortlisted (Declined) 2010-2012: European Union Erasmus Mundus Scholarship for Master of Science in Ecohydrology. Session: 2010-2012; Amount Awarded ~ 48000 EURO     OTHER HONORS AND GRANTS 2017: “Outstanding Reviewer Award” from ‘Ecological indicators’ Journal  2015: Research Grant from WET TROPICS management Authority.  Does water uptake by trees from various depths of soil affect rainforest tree productivity? $2500 AUD 2015: SAFS RHD Travel Award, The University of Queensland, Australia: Bursary to participate and present in the "IUFRO 3.08 International Conference Small-Scale and Community Forestry and the Changing Nature of Forest Landscapes" held during 11-15 October 2015 in Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. 800 AUD.  

-Ph.D. in Ecohydrology, The University of Queensland, Australia [2014-2018] Thesis: Spatial and temporal variation of sources of water across multiple tropical rainforest tree species -M.Sc. in Ecohydrology, Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel (CAU), Germany [2010-2012] Thesis: Ecohydrological modelling using SWAT in the Quarteira catchment of Portugal -M.Sc. in Forestry, Department of Forestry and Environmental Science, SUST, Bangladesh [2009-2010] Thesis: Carbon Stock Estimation of Bambusa vulgaris and it’s Potentiality: a Case Study from Lawachara National Park of Bangladesh -B.Sc. (Hon’s) in Forestry, Department of Forestry and Environmental Science, SUST, Bangladesh [2003-2008] Project: Monitoring of Land use change at Nandigram Thana of Bogra district in Bangladesh by using LANDSAT satellite data

Adjunct Researcher Tropical Forests and People Research Centre,  University of the Sunshine      Coast, Maroochydore DC, QLD 4558, Australia [from 2015-2018]. Research Intern Bangor Diverse Project, Bangor University, UK. Duration: from June,  2013-October, 2013.  Supervisor:  Dr.  Andy  Smith, Email:   (Activities:   soil   and   tree carbon measurement and analysis) Reviewer Reviewer of Ecological Indicator (Elsevier), Forest Ecology and Management (Elsevier) Land Use Policy (Elsevier), Journal of Forestry Research (Springer), Ecosystem Services (Elsevier), Small-scale Forestry (Springer); Journal of Mountain Science (Springer). For details please visit    

CONSULTANCY PROJECT 2019 Site Selection for a Proposed Nuclear Power Plant in the Southern Region of Bangladesh. Position: Ecohydrologist. Proponent: Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC).  Initial Environmental Examination and Environmental Impact Assessment study of proposed India-Bangladesh Friendship pipeline (IBFPL) Project (Bangladesh Part). Position: Ecologist as well as Project Leader. Proponent: Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) Sundarbans Forest Health Environmental compliance monitoring of 2x (500-660) MG coal-based thermal power plant [Rampal Power Plant]. Position: Forestry Expert. Proponent: Bangladesh India Friendship Power Company (P) Ltd., Year: 2019 EIA for Two Tannery States on Buriganaga and Dhaleswari River. Position: Ecologist. Proponent: Department of Environment, Bangladesh.  Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of Ghorasal Polash Urea Fertilizer Project, Polash, Narsingdi. Position: Ecologist. Proponent: Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation (BCIC).  Causes for Degradation and Deforestation of Jhau Plantation and Impacts of Jhau Plantation to Coastal Morphological Development along the Cox’sBazar-Teknaf Sea Beaches. Proponent: Department of Environment, Bangladesh.

-ENV 107: Introduction to Environmental Science -ENV 172: Introduction to Statistics -ENV 215: Ecology -ENV 375: Biostatistics -ECO 260: Introduction to Environmental and Natural Resource Economics -ENV 313: Biodiversity and the Preservation of Species -ENV 624: Ecological Systems and Biodiversity -ENV 425: Ecological Economics -ENV 602: Natural Resources and Ecological Economics

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