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Mohammad Niaz Murshed

Full Time Faculty

M.S.E., University of Michigan, USA
B.S.E., Virginia Tech, USA

Phone: +880-2-55668200 Ext: 6392
Office: SAC 1173

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Mohammad Niaz Murshed has joined the North South University in May 2018.He completed his B.S.E from Virginia Tech (2016) and M.S.E from University of Michigan (2017), both in Aerospace Engineering. The design paper that his team submitted (during his bachelors) was the second best paper in the NASA Distributed Electric Propulsion Aircraft competition in 2016. At the end of 2017, he presented part of his M.S.E research at the American Physical Society Conference (Division of Fluid Dynamics) in Denver. Amazed by the power of computing, Murshed spends time doing research on how to model complex physical systems from data obtained via numerical or experimental methods.

Murshed, Mohammad and Uddin, M. Monir. Time delay coordinate based Dynamic Mode Decomposition of a compressible signal. International Conference on Communication and Information Technology: Dec 19, 2019. To appear on IEEE Xplore.

Here at NSU since May 2018

PHY 107 (Classical Mechanics)

PHY 108 (Electricity and Magnetism)

MAT 125 (Introduction to Linear Algebra)

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Modeling of complex physical systems

Dynamic Mode Decomposition

Reduced Order Modeling