NSU Funded Research Projects: 2021-2022

Sl. Name/PI School Department Title of the Project Status
01 Dr. Shama Emy Haque SEPS Civil & Environmental Engineering Recycling Potential of Construction and Demolition Waste: Challenges and opportunities in Dhaka City Completed
02 Dr. Shazid Md. Sharker SHLS Pharmaceutical Sciences Temperature Guided Chemotherapeutic NPs for Area-selective Anticancer Activity Completed
03 Dr. Nazmun Nahar SEPS Civil & Environmental Engineering Water Management in Textile Industries of Bangladesh: Reuse and Recycle Completed
04 Dr. Mahmud Akhter Shareef SBE Management Tourism & Hospitality Service: Perceiving Human Behavior in the Post Covid-19 Era Completed
05 Dr. Gour Gobinda Goswami SBE Economics Should Bangladesh join Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)? A Gravity Model Approach Ongoing
06 Dr. Mohammad Abdul Matin SEPS Electrical & Computer Engineering Machine Learning based receiver design for MIMO OFDM system Ongoing
07 Dr. Md. Rizwanul Islam SHSS Law The Application of International Law by the Supreme Court of Bangladesh: A Somewhat Ad Hoc Approach? Ongoing
08 Mahmud Habib Zaman SBE Marketing & International Business Drivers of f-commerce usage intention: mediating role of trust Ongoing
09 Dr. Manik Chandra Shill SHLS Pharmaceutical Sciences Evaluation of the protective effects of Gynura procumbens leaf extract in cisplatin-induced hepatic and kidney damage in rats and improvement of the therapeutic efficacy the plant extract by liposomal delivery system Completed
10 Dr. Kanti Ananta Nuzhat SBE Economics Improving Mental Health during the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Educational Program for University Students of Bangladesh Ongoing
11 Dr. Mohammad Delwer Hossain Hawlader SHLS Public Health Quality of life and sleeping problems among the COVID-19 infected postmenopausal women in Bangladesh Completed
12 Dr. Nova Ahmed SEPS Electrical & Computer Engineering Remote Sensing and GIS based approach to Understand the Padma River Erosion: A Case study of Naria erosion downstream of Padma bridge Completed
13 Israt Jahan SEPS Mathematics & Physics Rethinking Under-5 Malnutrition: A Holistic Approach to Combine Machine Learning and Classical Models using BDHS 2018 Completed
14 Dr. Mohammad Sahadet Hossain SEPS Mathematics & Physics An Improved Model Reduction Strategy for Index 2 Descriptor Systems Using Iterative Interpolation Completed
15 Quazi Tafsirul Islam SBE Management Investigating the purchase intention towards recycled and refurbished electronic devices: Evidence from an emerging economy Ongoing
16 Amreen Talukder SBE Marketing & International Business Consumer Ethnocentrism in Omnichannel Marketing for Luxury Jewelry in Bangladesh Ongoing
17 Dr. Ummaha Tul Hazra SBE Management Understanding resilience through mobile financial services during COVID-19 pandemic Ongoing
18 Shabab Absarul Islam SBE Management Over-ordering and food waste using food delivery apps during pandemic: The stimulus-organism-response approach (SOR) Ongoing
19 Dr. Md. Ashraful Alam SHLS Pharmaceutical Sciences Evaluation of fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) powder supplementation on metabolic syndrome, oxidative stress and inflammation in high fat diet fed rats Queued
20 Dr. Sabbir Rahman Shuvo SHLS Biochemistry & Microbiology Deciphering the enigma of vancomycin and methicillin resistance mechanisms of Staphylococcus aureus isolated from Bangladesh by whole-genome sequencing analysis Completed
21 Dr. Md. Shaki Mostaid SHLS Pharmaceutical Sciences Effect of mustard oil and rice bran oil on testosterone induced benign prostatic hyperplasia in Wister rats Completed
22 Dr. Sharif Nurul Ahkam SBE Accounting & Finance Unique Characteristics of Women Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh Ongoing
23 Dr. G. M. Sayedur Rahman SHLS Pharmaceutical Sciences Irrational use of antibiotics in Bangladesh: A nation-wide prescription-based survey Completed
24 Dr. Mohammad Sujauddin SHLS Environmental Science & Management Material flow analysis of the aluminium industry of Bangladesh to unravel its circularity, future patterns and to uncover opportunities for closing the materials loop in order to achieve resource decoupling Ongoing
25 Dr. Md. Shazzad Hosain SEPS Electrical & Computer Engineering Bangla Speech to Text Modelling for Voice Enabled E-Commerce Applications Ongoing
26 Mohammad Sarwar Rekabder SBE Accounting & Finance Board Influence on Earnings Management and the moderating role of ownership structures: Evidence from Bangladesh Completed
27 Dr. Md. Shamim Talukder SBE Management Enhancing purchase intention in circular economy: A behavioral reasoning perspectives Ongoing
28 Dr. Nadira Sultana Kakoly SHLS Public Health Assessing the predictive value of the National Early Warning Score 2 (NEWS-2) for intensive care unit admission in patients with COVID-19 infection in Bangladesh Ongoing
29 Tasnim Tarannum SBE Management The impact of internet use of Bangladeshi university students on their academic performance: A comparative study Ongoing
30 Sheikh Mohammad Rabby SBE Accounting & Finance Impact of Institutional Quality and Good Governance on Bank Stability: Evidence from Emerging Countries Queued
31 Dr. Mohammad Istiaq Azim SBE Accounting & Finance Managing Risk and Uncertainty During a Global Pandemic: Evidence from Bangladeshi Listed Companies Queued
32 Dr. Ziaul Haq Adnan SBE Management Applying lean six sigma to assess the performance level of an education service provider and recommending a guideline towards excellence Discontinued
33 Afroja Parvin SEPS Mathematics & Physics MHD Natural convection flow of Ferrofluid along a vertical thin cylinder with streamwise sinusoidal temperature Completed
34 Dr. Shafin Rahman SEPS Electrical & Computer Engineering Classification of Spontaneous and Posed Smile from Video Data Ongoing
35 Dr. Md. Shariful Islam SEPS Mathematics & Physics Mass-spectrometry based quantitative proteomics of an adult A53T α-synuclein Drosophila model of Parkinson’s Disease Ongoing
36 Kabid Md Surid SBE Management Why Do People Purchase Hybrid Electric Cars in an Emerging Economy? A Consumption Value Perspective Ongoing
37 Dr. Md. Mamun Molla SEPS Mathematics & Physics Entropy Generation and Convective Heat Transfer Simulation of Nanofluids with Variable Thermophysical Properties Completed
38 Dr. K. M. A. Salam SEPS Electrical & Computer Engineering Development of a Transformerless 48V On-board Battery Charger for Motorized Three-Wheeler Completed
39 Dr. Mahdy Rahman Chowdhury SEPS Electrical & Computer Engineering Design of Photonic, Quantum and Artificial Intelligence Based Systems to Detect and Control the Nano Objects Completed
40 Dr. Mohammad Moshiur Rahman SHLS Environmental Science & Management Action research on mitigation of salt deposit on clay fired bricks of Bangladesh for elucidating a sustainable solution Ongoing
41 Dr. Mohammad Tayeenul Hoque SBE Marketing & International Business International Performance Implications of Exploration - Exploitation Strategies and Leadership Styles of Firms from an Emerging Economy Completed
42 Dr. Md. Mainul Hossain SHLS Biochemistry & Microbiology An enzyme biosensor for the inexpensive and rapid determination of organophosphate contamination in agricultural runoff Completed
43 Dr. Sukanto Roy SHSS English & Modern Languages Causes of Tertiary Students’ Failure in Projecting Voice in Academic Writing: Instructor and Learner Perspectives Ongoing
44 Dr. Ishrat Zakia Sultana SHSS Political Science & Sociology Understanding development bureaucracy in Bangladesh and its implications - a pilot study Queued
45 Dr. Muktadir Shahid Hossain SHLS Biochemistry & Microbiology Identification and characterization of six mosquito-larvicidal fungi isolated from soil samples of Bangladesh Ongoing
46 Dr. Sohidul Islam SHLS Biochemistry & Microbiology Transcriptome study of carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii clinical isolates Ongoing
47 Anika Tabassum Bristy SHLS Pharmaceutical Sciences A study of anti-obesity effects and underlying molecular mechanisms of the ethanoic extract of figs from Ficus hispida using high fat-fed wister rats Completed
48 Dr. Mohammad Monir Uddin SEPS Mathematics & Physics Model Order Reduction for Aircraft Wing Shape Optimization Completed
49 Preyanka Nath SHLS Biochemistry & Microbiology Identification of anti-hyperglycemic plant extracts by using silkworm larvae as an animal model Ongoing
50 Dr. Mohammad Khasro Miah SBE Management The effects of culture and HRM practices on firm performance: Empirical evidence based on foreign subsidiaries and joint ventures and indigenous companies in Bangladesh Ongoing
51 Mujtaba Ahsan SEPS Architecture A Research on Developing Energy Efficient, Alternative Energy Based Sustainable Cold-storage Facility Design Queued
52 Dr. Shahnewaz Siddique SEPS Electrical & Computer Engineering High performance less resource-intensive Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL) methods for applications in autonomous agents and search and rescue robotics Ongoing
53 Dr. Hasan Mahmud Reza SHLS Pharmaceutical Sciences A QbD-based approach to developing a scale-independent design space for curcumin-loaded monoacyl phosphatidylcholine/cremophor EL superstable nanoparticles for diverse clinical applications Completed
54 Syed Imamuzzaman SBE Management Applying the S-O-R paradigm to explore the determinants that impact users’ social media continuance Ongoing
55 Farhana Habib Zinnia SBE Marketing & International Business Constructing a model of behavioral dynamics to use mobile platform for online gaming behavior: Perspective from young consumer Ongoing
56 Dr. M. Ismail Hossain SBE Economics Nudging farmers to improve agricultural practices for safe and sustainable food production: Experimental evidence from Bangladesh Ongoing
57 Dr. Mohammad Rashedur Rahman SEPS Electrical & Computer Engineering Hybridization of E-Commerce Platforms using Blockchain, Smart Contract and Data Mining Completed
58 Dr. Harisur Rahman SHSS Political Science & Sociology Learning and Earning in Tandem: The Prospects and Challenges of Online-Based Income Generating Activities among Female Students in Bangladesh Completed
59 Dr. Khandker Md. Nahin Mamun SBE Marketing & International Business Antecedents of Technology Dissemination by Information Technology Suppliers in the Context of Industry 4.0 Ongoing
60 Dr. Mohammad Bulbul Ashraf Siddiqi SHSS Political Science & Sociology Religious pluralism and tolerance among the Muslims in Bangladesh: An Explorative Study Queued
61 Dr. Zaid Bin Mahbub SEPS Mathematics & Physics Understanding the Motor Nerve Fiber Distribution and Study the Effects of Pulsatile Electromagnetic Field: Experimental and Computational approach Completed
62 Dr. Jashim Uddin Ahmed SBE Management Antecedents to SME Competitiveness and Export intensity in Emerging Economy: Bangladesh Context Completed
63 Dr. Saiful Momen SHLS Environmental Science & Management Can rooftops compensate for the near absence of parks and open spaces in the densest mega-city in the world? An exploration into the (a) physical stock, (b) ownership patterns, (c) arrangements for access, (d) perceived needs and attitudes of citizens, and (e) use of rooftops in Dhaka city Queued
64 Dr. Mehe Zebunnesa Rahman SBE Management The influence of “F-Commerce” in Women Entrepreneurship : Sustainability during COVID -19 Pandemic Ongoing
65 Syeda Humayra Abedin SBE Accounting & Finance The ‘Competition–Efficiency–Stability Nexus’: Comparative evidence from Islamic and conventional banks Queued
66 Dr. Chaman Ara Keya SHLS Biochemistry & Microbiology Gene Polymorphism guided targeted sequencing to identify pathogenetic mutations in hypothyroid patients of Bangladesh Ongoing
67 Dr. Md Harunur Rashid SEPS Mathematics & Physics Exploring the blocking mechanism of 4-Aminopyridine in Kv channels: A simulation study Completed
68 Dr. Md. Nurul Kabir SBE Accounting & Finance Managerial ownership and firm value : Evidence from Japan Queued
69 Dr. Preetom Nag SEPS Mathematics & Physics Thermophoretic deposition of carbon nanotubes (CNT) on a corrugated enclosures during natural convection of non-Newtonian CNT nanofluids: A numerical approach Completed
70 Sabrin Islam Khan SHLS Pharmaceutical Sciences Case-control study of major birth defects in Bangladesh – Understanding the exponential rise during the covid period, with an aim to raise awareness during the covid period, current treatment approaches and their outcome Completed
71 Dr. Abdul Wohab SHSS Political Science & Sociology Risk-taking behaviour in the cyberworld during COVID-19 pandemic: adolescents’ perspective in Bangladesh Completed
72 Dr. S. M. Zahid Iqbal SBE Economics Covid-19 Induced Economic Shock, and Child Labor as a Bad Equilibrium: Can Microfinance Work as a Panacea? The Bangladesh Experience Queued
73 Dr. S. S. M. Sadrul Huda SBE Management Green HRM as a tool to address Climate Change: Organizational Perspectives Ongoing
74 Dr. Mohammad Monirujjaman Khan SEPS Electrical & Computer Engineering Comprehensive Design and Study of Millimeter (mm) Wave and Terahertz (THz) Antennas for Body-centric Communications for Healthcare Application Completed
75 Dr. Riasat Khan SEPS Electrical & Computer Engineering Automatic Smartphone-based Glaucoma and Diabetic Retinopathy Detection System Using Deep Learning Approaches Ongoing
76 Md. Zahangir Hossain SEPS Mathematics & Physics Numerical Simulation of Nanofluid Flow in a Wavy Channel Ongoing
77 Dr. Sakib Bin Amin SBE Economics Tourism, Waste Management Issues, and the Sustainable Challenges: Bangladesh Experiences Ongoing
78 Dr. Saiful Momen SHLS Environmental Science & Management Documenting Environmental Challenges in Rural Bangladesh at the Level of Upazilas (July 2015 to Jun 2019) Queued
79 Dr. Muhammad Maqsud Hossain SHLS Biochemistry & Microbiology Genotype-phenotype correlation of Serratia marcescens isolated from clinical specimens in Bangladesh Discontinued
80 Dr. AKM Waresul Karim SBE Accounting & Finance Market Leader Premium in Audit Services Markets: An Enquiry for Product Differentiation within Big-Four Audit Firms Ongoing
81 Dr. Nafisa Noor SEPS Electrical & Computer Engineering Electrical Measurements of Nanoscale Electronic Devices & Circuits Queued
82 Dr. Abdul Hannan Chowdhury SBE Management Identification of Health Hazards and Risk Pooling Mechanism to Reduce Pecuniary Losses of University Students Completed
83 Dr. Md. Jakariya SHLS Environmental Science & Management Assessment and compare ground level ozone with meteorological parameters in Dhaka city Ongoing

Updated on 31 October 2023